FAQ About Giclee Prints

" Giclee"  describes a specific technique for reproducing original art utilizing highly accurate ink-jet color printers.  Giclees are extremely accurate reproductions as to color, texture and brush stroke," and produce the finest prints available.

The print maker and artist collaborate on all decisions to assure an accurate representation of the original art.

The process is very costly compared to lithography reproductions, but allows the artist to limit the distribution by producing giclees one at a time thus protecting the investment value. Victoria's limited editions range from 12 to 25 total.

Giclee prints, produced by a master printer, and using the best technology and materials, will provide the purchaser a fine art image on canvas that can last a lifetime at a substantial price differential compared to original fine art.

Giclees should be treated as any other valuable piece of art. Do not place any fine art in direct sunlight or high humidity areas.

All purchases are made by contacting me directly.(Reach Me page)  Production and shipping can take 4-5 weeks. Payments are made through PayPal.